Pakistani Officials on Red Alert – Bracing for CIA’s US Drone Strike on a “High-Value” Target

We think that days after US drone strikes killed supposed al Queda terrorists in Yemen, they are now going after supposed al Queda terrorists in Pakistan; only this time they are high-level Pakistani government officials; so the Pakistanis made the announcement in part, as a "cry out for help". (Otherwise, why all the

Snowden Flies The Coop – Countries Call For British Government To Be Put On “No-Fly” List

On fears that they will not be able to learn what information the US has been gathering on them, and that the British will try to persecute Snowden; a number of countries are calling for the members of the British Government to be put on the "No Fly" list instead. Snowdens future travel plans

NSA Adds Joint Chiefs To The Blackmail List – Pentagon Cuts Off Funding

It won't be long before everyone quits doing business with the National Security Agency. Speculation abounds about what a very uncertain future holds for this behemoth electronic spy network. It's employees (who are no doubt being spied on themselves) could be shuttled into other parts of the Department of Defense, or simply laid off. Good

Brits Tell Snowden He Can’t Fly – Snowden Responds By Giving British Secrets To Chinese

The Chinese won't risk any relations with the US on the extradition agreement they have and they CAN in fact "have their cake and eat it too". All the Chinese have to do is claim they "lost" him, give him plastic surgery and a new ID and PRESTO. Done deal! This is apparently

About Face For Facebook? NOT – Facebook-CIA Funded

Sadly, unbeknownst to a great majority of its millions of innocent users, Facebook is actually an information gathering tool for the CIA. For more information see these two links: Facebook CIA connection -- Facebook-CIA-You Tube . The week the article was published over 600,000 people left Facebook.