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Pakistan officials are on red alert after receiving an intelligence intercept of a likely attack on a high-value target.; most likely by a US Drone.  This comes just days after John Kerry stated that US Drone strikes in Pakistan will end “very soon”.  We know what he’s thinking… “Oh God.. please let us be successful with this ONE LAST kill”… We are are fairly certain this attack is NOT a terrorist attack on Pakistan, but instead a US Drone strike, for several reasons.  First, it came DIRECTLY from the Pakistanis. Second, if it were an al Queda threat, Pakistan would have been one of the 21 embassies and diplomatic missions closed because they are a Muslim country. Moreover, not only is Pakistan 97% Muslim, but it is predominately Sunni (same as al Queda). Somehow the US doesn’t seem to be afraid of Pakistan, why?

We think that days after US drone strikes killed supposed al Queda terrorists in Yemen,  they are now going after supposed al Queda terrorists in Pakistan; only this time they are high-level Pakistani government officials;  so the Pakistanis made the announcement in part, as a “cry out for help”. (Otherwise, why all the concern, since this is nothing new?)  Thus far 176 children have been killed by US Drone strikes in Pakistan, and Pakistani courts have ruled drone strikes a “war crime”. For there to be a war crime there has to be a formal declaration of war. Where is the formal declaration of war by the United States on Pakistan? Where is the Congressional approval?  We note here that the US Embassy in Yemen was shut down, probably out of fear of reprisal for the drone strikes in Yemen, along with the other Muslim country embassies, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt,..etc…

US Drone Strikes in Pakistan are a violation of Pakistani air space and Pakistan has filed a formal complaint with the United Nations. Pakistan is NOT Yemen!  Unlike Yemen, Pakistan is the ONLY Muslim country with confirmed nuclear weapon capability, and judging by their squabbles with India (who ALSO has nuclear capability) they are NOT afraid to use it! We also note here that Pakistan is NOT a signer to the NPT (Nuclear Proliferation Treaty). The author notes here via personal experience that an unnamed (and unnameable) US Embassy employee in a country OUTSIDE of this region was heard to nervously exclaim “E’veryone is trying to bomb us”. How many enemies in the world does the US want to make? How many US Embassies will need to be shut down?  At this rate, let me guess… everyone except perhaps for the “Commonwealth countries” and possibly Israel.  That’s ALOT of Embassies!



Keith Spy (6 Posts)

Former CiA Officer, Keith Spy worked for the nations Premiere Intelligence Agency for over 35+ years. He is experienced in all aspects of world affairs and international politics, having proudly served in over 20 countries including the Philippines, Albania, Guatemala, Syria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Ecuador, the Congo, Brazil, East Timor, Bolivia, Iraq, Iran, Angola, Suriname, Zaire, Seychelles, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and Grenada. Due to the sensitive nature of his work we are unable to reveal his true name (even after the fact), so he is just known to everyone here as Keith “Spy”. The CIA will neither confirm or deny the fact that he ever worked there (nor any other aspect of his employment)


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