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On Saturday, Edward Snowden packed his bags and left Hong Kong for Moscow. It should come as no surprise that Hong Kong, hedged at all US attempts to extradite him, asking instead to have the US explain the nature of the information on China that had been obtained through the NSA’s PRISM program. Snowden was granted “safe passage” and arrived safely in Moscow.  The question now is whether Snowden plans to “do it again”, this time with the Russians. Since the US has spied on virtually every country in the world, it could be a virtual “World Tour” for Edward Snowden.

As for the British, at least one Brit was known to exclaim “I didn’t vote for the Tories” when commenting on the whole Snowden affair. On fears that they will not be able to learn what information the US has been gathering on them, and that the British will try to persecute Snowden; a number of countries are calling for the members of the British Government to be put on the “No Fly” list instead.  Snowden’s future travel plans include Ecuador (who is working with Julian Assange), Cuba and Venezuela.

No doubt those countries are very eager to find out what dirt the US and British Governments have on them, as well as the Russians.  Trying to put pressure on the Russians, US senator Chuck Schumer said of Russia: ‘That’s not how allies should treat each other.’  I wonder what will happen when the Senator realizes that the NSA has been spying on HIM in order to blackmail him (or perhaps it’s happened already)


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Former CiA Officer, Keith Spy worked for the nations Premiere Intelligence Agency for over 35+ years. He is experienced in all aspects of world affairs and international politics, having proudly served in over 20 countries including the Philippines, Albania, Guatemala, Syria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Ecuador, the Congo, Brazil, East Timor, Bolivia, Iraq, Iran, Angola, Suriname, Zaire, Seychelles, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and Grenada. Due to the sensitive nature of his work we are unable to reveal his true name (even after the fact), so he is just known to everyone here as Keith “Spy”. The CIA will neither confirm or deny the fact that he ever worked there (nor any other aspect of his employment)


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